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Caviar Accompaniments

As delicious as caviar is, it's not complete without caviar accompaniments. Many of our customers enjoy their caviar with a blini's, creme fraiche, mother of pear spoon and dish. 

  • Mother of Pearl Spoon with Wooden Handle
    Mother of Pearl Spoon with Wooden Handle $11.00

    This Mother of Pearl Spoon has a wooden handle. Metal spoons should never be used when serving caviar because they will alter the taste.

  • Mother of Pearl Spoon
    Mother of Pearl Spoon $9.00

    The Mother of Pearl Spoon is used to serve caviar because it won't react with the caviar. Metal spoons can react with caviar and alter the taste.

  • French Blini - Canape
    French Blini - Canape $6.75

    Our French Blini are yeast-leavened, white flour pancakes. Classically they are served with sour cream and caviar or smoked salmon. The Traditional Size comes Frozen and is 2.3” (55-60mm) and packed 16 pieces per pack...