Foie Gras

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Types of Foie Gras: - Fresh Raw Foie Gras: Beautiful golden color, 100 % corn fed, nutty and sweet taste. - Foie Gras Whole: Pure foie gras or lobes of foie gras. - Frozen Foie Gras: utilizes selected high grade 100 % corn-fed duck foie gras. Flash frozen quickly after harvest. - Sliced Foie Gras: originates from high grade foie gras option. Cut, hand sliced from primary lobe. Individually fast frozen and vacuum packed. Exceptional yield, company structure, little rendered fat.  - Whole Moulard duck breast: Skin-on matured over 7 days. Larger than any other duck bust with remarkable steak overtones and a deep red color. Moulard duck legs are ideal for confit preparation. - Pasteurized or "semi-cooked" / "mi-cuit" Foie Gras: Is a 100 % foie gras emulsion. The texture is creamy and silky. It is typically packed in a metal can, an easy-open terrine, or a jar. Prepared foie gras is ready to enjoy without as is.  - Whole Foie Gras: is made from either a couple of pieces of whole liver. The flavorings, port wine or Armagnac improve the foie gras' natural tastes. - Other Foie Gras: is based preparations are called parfait (70 % foie gras) or mousse (50 % foie gras).